Are You Sure You Are Trusting In the Right Jesus?

I was talking to a Christian couple who were long time church leaders. When our topic shifted on the importance of doctrinal foundation in discipleship I learned that the husband believed in Jesus Christ as the Creator while the wife believed Jesus as a creature. When the husband learned about it, he was surprised about […]

Does the Holy Spirit Convict A Believer?

The role of the third Person of the Triune Godhead is always misunderstood in the area of convicting. Many times, you will hear this cliché from many believers saying, “The Holy Spirit convicted me of my sins” or, “The Holy Spirit convicted me of the preaching message.”  It seemed spiritual, but is it theologically sound? […]

Witnessing To A Jehovah’s Witness Using John 1:1

There are many believers who have a hard time sharing the truth with Jehovah’s Witnesses because they do not know where to begin. The conversation below has help me challenge the Jehovah’s Witnesses to use their God-given mind to think using the first passage in the Book of John. Christian: I’m challenged by the way you share […]