Love… Courtship… Action!

Love, courtship, dating, and marriage! These are the topics that single people wanted to hear, listen, and learn. A set of questions was sent to me regarding this topic about dating and relationship in their singles ministry. When can you say that you are both already in a boyfriend and girlfriend stage? Does this have […]

Singlehood and Serving God

Is it wrong to choose to be single for life? Do we have such a thing as┬áChristian “nuns?” It is unfortunate that there are some major religious movements who teach single and serving God as a dogma. The call for singlehood in serving the Lord should never be dogmatic. It is as if you cannot […]

Civil Wedding or Christian Wedding?

I received an inquiry from a church member asking, “Is civil wedding accepted as wedding for a Christian couple. Or is it just wedding in the eyes of the law but not in the eyes of God?” These are some of the questions that need clarification. Both civil and Christian wedding are legal in the […]