Are You Sure You Are Trusting In the Right Jesus?

I was talking to a Christian couple who were long time church leaders. When our topic shifted on the importance of doctrinal foundation in discipleship I learned that the husband believed in Jesus Christ as the Creator while the wife believed Jesus as a creature. When the husband learned about it, he was surprised about […]

The Pinoy “Millennial” Version of the NT Bible: A Brief Review

There are many young Filipino believers who are now made aware of this new Filipino Bible translation introduced today by the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) as “Pinoy Version” translated by a group of respected Filipino Bible translators under the care of Dr. Anicia del Corro, PBS’s Translation Consultant. According to the Philippine Bible Society, “the […]

A Good and Healthy Bible Version

There are many believers who are asking me about a healthy Bible version that they can use for personal Bible study. I took some time to research some of the most common versions that believer themselves encounter. I hope you find this helpful. If you want to study the Bible, go for the literal scholarly […]