Christian Conviction and Halloween: Drawing the Line!

While malling, I noticed a number of young cute children running and dress-up in their own halloween costume. They were prepared to join a best costume event contest watched by hundred of mall goers at the atrium. Is this true only in the Philippines? No! There are millions of people around the world who observed […]

To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo: That Is the Question

There are mixed reactions among Christian believers with regards to sporting a tattoo. A number of conservative believers sees it in connection with pagans so they discouraged their church members to even have one. While this practice is in contrast with the other group of believers who sees nothing wrong with it.  So what does […]

Are You Sure You Are Trusting In the Right Jesus?

I was talking to a Christian couple who were long time church leaders. When our topic shifted on the importance of doctrinal foundation in discipleship I learned that the husband believed in Jesus Christ as the Creator while the wife believed Jesus as a creature. When the husband learned about it, he was surprised about […]

Lotto, Game of Chance, and Christianity: Can They Really Go Together?

Thousands of people are lining up in many outlets because the prize at stake is not just hundreds of millions but one billion pesos, that is, one with nine zeros (almost nineteen million US dollars). Any winner could be an instant billionaire if they will join this game of chance called lottery. What is this […]

The Pinoy “Millennial” Version of the NT Bible: A Brief Review

There are many young Filipino believers who are now made aware of this new Filipino Bible translation introduced today by the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) as “Pinoy Version” translated by a group of respected Filipino Bible translators under the care of Dr. Anicia del Corro, PBS’s Translation Consultant. According to the Philippine Bible Society, “the […]