Abortion in the Christian’s Perspective

The word “abortion” is defined by a dictionary as “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks.” A number of authorities in the medical field sugar coat this horrifying action as “termination” of the unborn child if the young mother sees this “unborn embryo” hindering their future welfare. There are […]

Theodicy: Is God a Sadist?

I was reminded of a Christian father whose son died from a car accident saying in front of the many people, “God killed my son for His glory and honor!” Is this biblically correct? Did God really cause the tsunami directly? How about the earthquake and the flood? I believe that God is sovereign, but […]

Hell: A Real Place Of Torment Says Jesus

You have probably heard, read, and watched a number of individuals who “visited” hell then returned to tell the tale. I am not here to invalidate their experiences. But I would still check their subjective stories based on the objective and authoritative word of God. There are a number of religious cults like the Jehovah’s […]

Judgment, Joy, & Regret

Individual totalitarian dictators like Polpot who executed 1-3 million Cambodians, Adolph Hitler who annihilated almost 6 million Jews, Joseph Stalin starved almost 2 million Ukrainians to death, Mao Zedong who was responsible for the death of 40-70 million Chinese, not to mention the almost half-billion babies murdered through abortion in US and China alone combined. […]