Are You Sure You Are Trusting In the Right Jesus?

I was talking to a Christian couple who were long time church leaders. When our topic shifted on the importance of doctrinal foundation in discipleship I learned that the husband believed in Jesus Christ as the Creator while the wife believed Jesus as a creature. When the husband learned about it, he was surprised about […]

Hell: A Real Place Of Torment Says Jesus

You have probably heard, read, and watched a number of individuals who “visited” hell then returned to tell the tale. I am not here to invalidate their experiences. But I would still check their subjective stories based on the objective and authoritative word of God. There are a number of religious cults like the Jehovah’s […]

Civil Wedding or Christian Wedding?

I received an inquiry from a church member asking, “Is civil wedding accepted as wedding for a Christian couple. Or is it just wedding in the eyes of the law but not in the eyes of God?” These are some of the questions that need clarification. Both civil and Christian wedding are legal in the […]

The Theology Behind Fasting

Is fasting really vital in one’s Christian relationship with God? Is fasting a part of a believer’s Christian life? What is the importance of fasting? How did fasting start in the Scripture? There are probably more questions than there are answers. A funny story was told about a Korean believer who once asked a Christian […]