Theodicy: Is God a Sadist?

I was reminded of a Christian father whose son died from a car accident saying in front of the many people, “God killed my son for His glory and honor!” Is this biblically correct? Did God really cause the tsunami directly? How about the earthquake and the flood? I believe that God is sovereign, but […]

The God Who Is Sovereign, Gracious, and All-Knowing

There are millions of people around the world who are asking this kind of question, “If God is truly wise, then why allow humans whom He created perfectly to fall into sin?” Is an all-knowing God truly unintelligent, because He allowed His own creation to become imperfect, which affected the human race? We can discuss this ad infinitum […]

Demons in the Hands of God

A good number of passage in the Scripture tells us that an evil spirit was sent by God to torment or harm a person. We all know these are tough verses that freezes every believer and non-believer alike. Unfortunately, these verses are also being put forth by many atheists to challenge the unity of the […]