A Testimony About Our Church Or Christ?

A number of believers today, when asked about their Christian testimony explains their conversion in this way, “Well somebody invited me to church then after listening to the message of that pastor, I really like what I heard because it was so relevant to my life. I invited my family the next Sunday then we […]

How I Came To Know Jesus Christ

It is unfortunate to hear some believers today lifting up the name of their church instead of Jesus Christ in their testimony. Some will say, “I was invited by my friend to this church and my life was never the same again.” Or sometimes they will even say, “In my previous church we are not […]

A Former Worshipful Master Of Freemasonry Turned To Jesus Christ For Salvation

You will notice their symbol (square and compass) at the back of many cars along with a letter “G” in the middle which according to them is God in the center of the universe. Is this true? Is it possible to be a Christian and be a member of Freemasonry? My answer is a resounding “no!” In fact, you will be […]

A Young Zealous Ang Dating Daan Member Discipled For Christ

This is the testimony of a young former student and a previous zealous member of the Ang Dating Daan religious group but now a believer in Christ and currently working as a professional in Australia. I had the privileged to reach out and discipled Jarrel to become a follower of Jesus Christ. May you be encouraged […]