Judgment, Joy, & Regret

Individual totalitarian dictators like Polpot who executed 1-3 million Cambodians, Adolph Hitler who annihilated almost 6 million Jews, Joseph Stalin starved almost 2 million Ukrainians to death, Mao Zedong who was responsible for the death of 40-70 million Chinese, not to mention the almost half-billion babies murdered through abortion in US and China alone combined. […]

The Holy Spirit: The Least Understood Divine Person in the Godhead

The Holy Spirit is probably the least known divine Person in the Godhead. Many knew for a fact that He is Holy and He is called the Spirit of God. But many times, believers are at a lost in defining who He really is in the Scripture and what His role in the life of a believer. A few years back, a […]

The Role of the Law In the Old Testament

Many individuals thought the Mosaic Law is good for nothing after they accepted the grace of God through Jesus Christ. Are you aware that the apostle Paul said, “it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous?” It is true that a person can be justified by obeying the Law based from […]

A Testimony About Our Church Or Christ?

A number of believers today, when asked about their Christian testimony explains their conversion in this way, “Well somebody invited me to church then after listening to the message of that pastor, I really like what I heard because it was so relevant to my life. I invited my family the next Sunday then we […]

Unborn Babies, Innocent Children, Age of Reason, and Eternal Life

A perplexed mother approached me recently asking what the Bible says about the final destination of babies and unborn children after they die. For many years, she has been seeking sensible answers from the Scripture about this topic. I believed it is not only her but many parents who experienced this tragic moment where the life […]