Hell: A Real Place Of Torment Says Jesus

You have probably heard, read, and watched a number of individuals who “visited” hell then returned to tell the tale. I am not here to invalidate their experiences. But I would still check their subjective stories based on the objective and authoritative word of God. There are a number of religious cults like the Jehovah’s […]

Civil Wedding or Christian Wedding?

I received an inquiry from a church member asking, “Is civil wedding accepted as wedding for a Christian couple. Or is it just wedding in the eyes of the law but not in the eyes of God?” These are some of the questions that need clarification. Both civil and Christian wedding are legal in the […]

To Deliberately Ignore Jesus’ Command To Disciple Is A Sin

I received a recent question from one sincere believer asking, “Is a Christian in sin if he’s not making disciples?” There are many believers around the world that are just contented with just being saved while not obeying the command of Jesus to make disciples. What does the Bible say about it? Let me say […]

The Right Way To Argue About Religion

In the Philippines that has majority of Roman Catholic adherents, there are at least two topics that could strike a heated discussion, that is, politics and religion. Ever since Roman Catholicism entered the shore of the country in the early sixteenth century no one dared question her authority for four centuries. Until a number of […]

The Truth Behind Homosexuality

Let me say this on the onset that I have no intention of humiliating nor shaming our homosexual community. This is not also meant to judge their eternal destiny for only the Lord who knows every heart. But let me be quick to quote the apostle Paul who wrote, “Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from […]