Born of Water and the Spirit: Does Water Baptism Saved Us?

There are many so-called Christians today who believed that water baptism can also “saved” us. They use at least eighteen pet passages in which one of these mentions about being “born of water” in John 3:5. So what does “born of water” mean in Jesus’ context? Many are saying that this is a clear proof […]

The Pinoy “Millennial” Version of the NT Bible: A Brief Review

There are many young Filipino believers who are now made aware of this new Filipino Bible translation introduced today by the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) as “Pinoy Version” translated by a group of respected Filipino Bible translators under the care of Dr. Anicia del Corro, PBS’s Translation Consultant. According to the Philippine Bible Society, “the […]

Singlehood and Serving God

Is it wrong to choose to be single for life? Do we have such a thing as Christian “nuns?” It is unfortunate that there are some major religious movements who teach single and serving God as a dogma. The call for singlehood in serving the Lord should never be dogmatic. It is as if you cannot […]

To Deliberately Ignore Jesus’ Command To Disciple Is A Sin

I received a recent question from one sincere believer asking, “Is a Christian in sin if he’s not making disciples?” There are many believers around the world that are just contented with just being saved while not obeying the command of Jesus to make disciples. What does the Bible say about it? Let me say […]

The Case Of A Borrowed Conviction

You are looking at the painting of a famous German Reformer named Martin Luther who declared boldly his conviction despite opposition. He was a former Benedictine Monk who chose to stand on the authority of God’s Word rather than man’s. His reason is not to rebel against the Roman Catholic Church but only to reform her doctrines. His […]