Theodicy: Is God a Sadist?

I was reminded of a Christian father whose son died from a car accident saying in front of the many people, “God killed my son for His glory and honor!” Is this biblically correct? Did God really cause the tsunami directly? How about the earthquake and the flood? I believe that God is sovereign, but […]

Praying to Dead Saints: A Case of Religious Necromancy

In respect and fairness to the Roman Catholic Church teaching, they do not teach the worship of statues or images but they only venerate or give the representative of these things a high form of great respect. In fact, I have nothing against giving great respect to the spiritual giants of our faith like Martin […]

Born of Water and the Spirit: Does Water Baptism Saved Us?

There are many so-called Christians today who believed that water baptism can also “saved” us. They use at least eighteen pet passages in which one of these mentions about being “born of water” in John 3:5. So what does “born of water” mean in Jesus’ context? Many are saying that this is a clear proof […]

Christian Conviction and Halloween: Drawing the Line!

While malling, I noticed a number of young cute children running and dress-up in their own halloween costume. They were prepared to join a best costume event contest watched by hundred of mall goers at the atrium. Is this true only in the Philippines? No! There are millions of people around the world who observed […]

To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo: That Is the Question

There are mixed reactions among Christian believers with regards to sporting a tattoo. A number of conservative believers sees it in connection with pagans so they discouraged their church members to even have one. While this practice is in contrast with the other group of believers who sees nothing wrong with it.  So what does […]