Praying to Dead Saints: A Case of Religious Necromancy

In respect and fairness to the Roman Catholic Church teaching, they do not teach the worship of statues or images but they only venerate or give the representative of these things a high form of great respect. In fact, I have nothing against giving great respect to the spiritual giants of our faith like Martin […]

Lotto, Game of Chance, and Christianity: Can They Really Go Together?

Thousands of people are lining up in many outlets because the prize at stake is not just hundreds of millions but one billion pesos, that is, one with nine zeros (almost nineteen million US dollars). Any winner could be an instant billionaire if they will join this game of chance called lottery. What is this […]

The Pinoy “Millennial” Version of the NT Bible: A Brief Review

There are many young Filipino believers who are now made aware of this new Filipino Bible translation introduced today by the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) as “Pinoy Version” translated by a group of respected Filipino Bible translators under the care of Dr. Anicia del Corro, PBS’s Translation Consultant. According to the Philippine Bible Society, “the […]

A Good and Healthy Bible Version

There are many believers who are asking me about a healthy Bible version that they can use for personal Bible study. I took some time to research some of the most common versions that believer themselves encounter. I hope you find this helpful. If you want to study the Bible, go for the literal scholarly […]

Christianity, Pork Eating, and Legalism

Pork lechon is one of the favorite foods among Filipinos. This food played a role in molding their culture and tradition for many decades in every occasion like town fiesta, and personal celebrations like birthdays, graduation, championship, and many others. But there are many Filipinos in various religious groups that prohibits the eating of certain […]